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The Holy Kaaba Architecture and Organization (Kabah)

The Holy Kaaba
The Quran-a-Majeed refers to Makkah al-Mukarramah, and the Holy Mosque (Masjid al-Haram) Accordingly, Hazrat Ibrahim A.S and his son Hazrat Ismail A.S built the Holy Kaaba. Later through the decades the Holy Kaaba was rebuilt various times through history but always by maintaining the original stonework and dimensions.

Tawaf-a-Kaaba (Kabah)

The Holy Kaaba has a great role in Islam, being the vocal point of all prayers (Namaz, Salat) as well as a destination for worship and devotion.

The Size of the Holy Kaaba:

The current height of the Holy Kaaba is 39 feet, 6 inches and total size comes to 627 square feet.

The inside room of the Holy Kaaba is 13x9 meters. The Holy Kaaba's walls are one meter wide. The floor inside is 2.2 meters higher than the place where people perform Tawaaf.

The ceiling and roof are two levels made out of wood. They were reconstructed with teak which is capped with stainless steel.

The walls are all made of stone. The stones inside are unpolished, while the ones outside are polished.

This small building has been constructed and reconstructed by Prophets Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all). No other building has had this honor.

Kaaba Floor Plan (Kabah)

Holy-Kabbah-Interior-Map (Kaaba / Kabah)

What is inside the Holy Kaaba?

There are two pillars inside (others report 3 pillars)

There is a table on the side to put items like perfume

There are two lantern-type lamps hanging from the ceiling

The space can accommodate about 50 people

There are no electric lights inside

The walls and floors are of marble

There are no windows inside

There is only one door

The upper inside walls of the Holy Kaaba were covered with some kind of curtain with the Kalima written on it.

Inside Holy Kaaba (Kabah / Kabbah)

The Architecture of Holy Kaabah (Kabbah / Kaba / Kaba)
There are four corners of Holy Kaaba and those are:

The Black Stone Corner (Rukan-a-Hijjar-a-Aswad)

The Shami Corner (Rukan-a-Shami)

The Yamani Corner (Rukan-a-Yamani)

The Iraqi Corner (Rukan-a-Iraqi)

Organization of Holy Kaaba (Kabah)

At the top of the northern wall, there is the Mizrab-a-Rehmat, A water drain element which is made of pure gold, dominating the stone of Hazrat Ismail A.S.

Hijar-a-Aswad-The-Holy-Black-Stone (Holy Stone of Holy Kaaba)


Hijar-a-Aswad (The Black Holy Stone):

Located at the southeastern part of Holy Kaaba, a sign of divine grace, it is a heavy oval stone, of black reddish color. Its diameter is 30 cm, surrounded with a silver frame. The circler is required to kiss the black stone if possible. It is told that Messenger (peace of Allah be upon him) said, "the stone and the station of Ibrahim are two bequeathed from paradise, but Allah obliterated their light, otherwise they would have lit between east and west". He also said, "when the black stone was lowered from paradise, it was whiter than milk, but the sins of humans made it black.

Holy-Kaabah-Door (Bab-a-Kaaba)




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