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Zamzam The Holy Water

Historically Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salam was ordered to leave his wife Hazrat Hajirah Alaihis Salam and child Hazrat Ishmael Alaihis Salam in a valley without any vegetation or water at the site of his sacred house before the building of the Kabah promising to provide for them. As Hazrat Ishmael Alaihis Salam cried in thirst Hadhrath-e-Hazrat Hajirah Alaihis Salam ran from a small rise to another (safa and marwah) in the hope that a mirage of water was real. Allah then broke forth a spring at the feet of the crying baby now know as the well of Zamzam (The Holy Water).

When Hazrat Ishmael Alaihis Salam became very thirsty, Allah made the water gush from the earth. His mother, overjoyed, rushed to the source of water and began making a pool around the water to contain it. This action, called ‘al-zam’ in Arabic, was the reason why Zamzam (The Holy Water) was named as such. When Abraham visited them and saw the spring water, he dug up a well. The Well of Zamzam (The Holy Water) attracted tribes all over Arabia to settle in Makkah al-Mukarramah. Situated south to the Standing Place of Abraham, the Zamzam (The Holy Water) Well is 18 meters away from the Black Stone and 43 meters deep. At the bottom of the well there are three water springs: one near the Black Stone, another close to Abi Qubays Mountain and Al-Safa Mountain, and the other parallel to Al-Marwah Mountain. The well used to have two basins, one opposite to the Black Stone used for drinking and the other, near Al-Safa Mountain, is at the rear of the well and was used for partial ablutions before performing a prayer.

Zam-Zam Well
Due to increased crowding around the well entrance near the tawaf area, the entrance was closed and was replaced by stairs leading to the bottom entrance of the Zamzam (The Holy Water) well. All Muslims around the world should drink Zamzam (The Holy Water) water because Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, drank it. Abu Dhar Al-Ghafari, may Allah be pleased with him, heard Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, say, “Zamzam (The Holy Water) water is blessed water because it is food for the hungry and cure for the sick” meaning if you drink it with a sincere intention to get full or cured, you will see its results. Ibn Al-Mubarak drank it and said, “O Lord! I am drinking Zamzam (The Holy Water) so that I do not become thirsty on the Day of Judgment.”

Zam-Zam The Holy Water

Facts about Zam-Zam Water
Zamzam (The Holy Water) well is 3.5 meters deep, 17 meters of which are of granite rocks. The well’s diameter is irregular. The part above the rocky layer is of lime with a constructed well, a linear section leaning toward the Holy Ka’ba.At this stage of work, Zamzam (The Holy Water) was cleared of many objects thrown in by people who wrongly believed that doing so brought luck and prosperity – metal money of different epochs, seals, emblems, pottery, earthen vessels and copper objects.

Hajj Pilgrims Drinking Zamzam

Down the ages, many people have examined the qualities of Zamzam (The Holy Water). Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Walihi Wasalam Labib Al-Bitnoni, an Egyptian author, wrote in his book “Al-Rehlat Al-Hijaziyah” that “the water is alkaline; rich in sodium, calcium, potassium and chloride salts. It has sulfuric and nitric acids too. The combination makes it similar to mineral waters that have healing effects.”

It is difficult to describe the exact taste of Zamzam (The Holy Water). “It is not that of water to which salt has been added, nor is it that of diluted water. Its true taste, a slight salinity is clear only to the person who drinks it,” writes Koshak.The well has never been infected by germs or microbes. It has never been polluted by floodwater or drainage of nearby houses. No one has ever contracted any disease by drinking the water. The well miraculously cleans itself.

The Well of Zamzam
It springs forth from beneath the venerated House of Allah – the Ka’ba – from the direction of Safa and Marwa.“The main source of Zamzam (The Holy Water) is an opening tending toward the Holy Ka’ba. It is 45 cm long and 30 cm wide and slopes downwards. It supplies the main volume of Zamzam (The Holy Water) as stated in historical references,” mentions Dr. Koshak, who was asked to supervise the cleaning and sterilization of the well in 1980. “The second main source is a broad gash measuring 70 cm long and 30 cm wide, that divides into two openings within. It lies in the direction of Ajyad,” he adds.

There are also secondary sources. These are small outlets between the stones at the junction of the built-and-hewn-parts of the well.

Zamzam The Holy Water

There are five openings in the one-meter gap separating the two main sources. Besides, there are 21 inlets distributed from near the first main source that opens in the direction of Jabal Abu Qubais, the Safa and the Marwa, to the second main source. These inlets are at different levels and they discharge varying amounts of water.

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