Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Restrictions of Ehram (Ahram) for Men and Women

Certain things are prohibited in the state of ehram some of these are prohibited even in daily normal life but because of ehram there is a stronger emphasis on these.

Restrictions which apply to both men and women:
1.Hunting animals on land.
2.Carrying weapons
3.Having sexual relations.
4.Kissing women.
5.Touching women with intention of pleasure.
6.Looking at a non-mehram woman with lust.
8.Marrying (Nikkah)
9.Using perfume
10.Applying kajal in eyes.
11.Removing hair from the body
12.Cutting nails
13.Using something with the intention of beautification, even if it is a watch or a ring.
14.Killing worms or lice found on the body.
15.Lying, boasting, abusing, etc.
16.Tooth extraction

Things which are prohibited for men in the state of ehram but allowed for women:
1.Covering of head
2.To wear something that covers the top part of the foot completely example: socks, shoes, etc
3.To wear sewn clothes.

The above mentioned four things are not only allowed for women but if there is a na-mehram onlooker then it will be wajib for her to cover her feet completely even in the state of ehram.

Things are prohibited for women only:
1.To cover the face with cloth, etc.
2.To wear gloves.

All the above mentioned things are haraam in ehram. Performing some of these is a sin and attracts Kaffarah, while performing some others does not attract any penalty however one must do istighfar (repent) for the sin. When Kaffarah becomes wajib it must be paid in Makkah.

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