Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Umrah-e-Mufrada, Umrah-e-Tamatto

The first part of Hajj, "Umra-e-Tamatto" is different from the Umra performed during the rest of the year which is called Umra-e-Mufrada. However during the Hajj journey Umra-e-Mufrada can also be performed (sometimes Hajj journey begins with Umra-e-Mufrada with the actual Hajj coming later on).

Umra-e-Mufrada/Tamatto at a glance:

It consists of the following waajibaat:
1. Wearing ehram at miqaat.
2. Tawaf i.e. to go around the kaa'ba
3. To recite two rakaat salaat-e-Tawaf behind Maqame Ibrahim.
4. Saee i.e. walking between Safa and Marwah
5. Halaqa (shaving the head)/ taqseer (to cut of little hair)

For Umra e Mufrada only:
6. To perform Tawaf-e-Nisa
7. Two rakaat salaat of Tawaf-e-Nisa

Method of Umra-e-Tamatto in short:
First Umra-e-Tamatto should be performed which includes 5 wajibaat:
1.To wear the ehram
2.Tawaf of kaa'ba
3.Two rakaat salaat of Tawaf
4.Saee between Safa and Marwah
5.Taqseer (Umra-e-Tamatto finishes with taqseer but if you are performing Umra-e-Mufrada you must perform Tawaf-e-nisa and salaat of Tawaf-e-Nisa.)


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